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Softwood Lumber Dispute Heats Up As U.S. Imposes Tariffs

The dispute over Canadian softwood lumber entering the U.S. heated up this spring and summer when the U.S. Commerce Department announced preliminary countervailing duties on Canadian lumber imports in April, and followed up two months later with the announcement of antidumping duties.  This brings the total combined tariffs to be levied on Canadian softwood lumber imports to between 17.41 percent and 30.88 percent.

Washington Turns Attention To Major Tax Overhaul

One of the most significant issues for forestry will be the proposed overhaul of the federal tax code. Any major tax reform initiative will likely impact existing provisions that apply to timber sales, forest management expenses, reforestation costs, and related expenses involved in the business of growing trees commercially.

Trump Sets Aggressive Agenda

While it may be some time before there are any major changes in forest policy under President Trump, it is very clear that the new administration is taking a sharply different approach on issues than the previous one.