Remsoft Simplifies the Model Analysis and Decision-Making Process

September 2011Remsoft Simplifies the Model Analysis and Decision-Making Process 

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – September 14, 2011 – Remsoft, the leading provider of asset lifecycle optimization solutions for land-based and infrastructure assets, today announced new applications that empower organizations to improve the speed and accuracy of their  decisions. With the release of Remsoft Analyst for Excel and Remsoft Explorer, analysts and xecutives can use familiar and intuitive formats to review and work with optimization models, data and a full range of scenarios.

By putting the right information in the right hands, the right people can work with an optimized model, focus on analysis and decision-making—and produce real, actionable results without learning a new technology. With more employees across the organization having the ability to use the models and scenarios, collaboration is greatly improved, as is overall understanding of the organization’s mission and goals. The end result can be significant cost savings and improved operations.

“Remsoft has been a trusted partner for several years. Remsoft Analyst for Excel gives us the power to put our models and scenarios directly in the hands of our clients, who can then concentrate on analyzing the results and ensuring the right decisions are being made,” said Jeff Jordan, Technology Group Manager at F&W Forestry Services, Inc. “These new features will help us both simplify and speed the overall analysis process while increasing the value added to our clients.”

Remsoft Analyst for Excel connects published models to Microsoft Excel, enabling the common

spreadsheet interface to be used to access models, analyze information, run reports and quickly drill into and query model data in order to gain a better insight into and understanding of the scenario results. Remsoft Explorer is a graphically rich and interactive tool that allows users to easily and quickly manipulate and summarize model data, increasing understanding of the model and the predictive view of their organization.

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About F&W:

F&W Forestry Services, Inc., of Albany, Ga., is one of the nation’s oldest and largest forest consulting and management firms.  Established in 1962, F&W operates 19 offices in 12 states comprising the Southern pine belt, the Central and Appalachia region, Upstate New York, and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. It also manages private forestlands in South America with offices in Uruguay and Brazil.