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F&W is committed to helping landowners get the most out of their timberland – one of the best tools is current and relevant information. Through the F&W Forestry Report, our clients and subscribers gain an insider’s view on the latest market conditions, timber prices and legislation affecting forestry. Each quarterly report is packed with insights gathered from our participation in professional associations, academic research cooperatives and everyday work in the forest to give you an edge in the marketplace.

Carbon Credit Opportunities Becoming More Widely Available

Carbon Credit Opportunities Becoming More Widely Available
Worldwide attention on carbon sequestration as a method of addressing climate change could potentially be a major shift in the economics of owning forestland.

Forests have always provided many benefits and the value attained from the stewardship of them reaches beyond their boundaries through clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and forest products. New and emerging carbon markets could provide landowners with the opportunity to be compensated for the environmental improvements their forests deliver to the larger population.

In the summer edition of the F&W Forestry Report, Andy Carlo, F&W’s environmental and certification manager, provides an overview of the carbon markets along with information on the credible carbon programs operating in the U.S. that are geared towards smaller landowners.

When weighing the options, Carlo advises landowners to dig into the details and carefully consider contract time commitments and harvest limitations. F&W foresters are also available to answer questions and provide assistance to landowners who are contemplating carbon market opportunities.


Weather or Markets, The Age-Old Question

Weather or Markets, The Age-Old Question
Timber prices declined in the second quarter, prompting the question: is it due to a softening in housing starts and decreasing lumber prices, or is it just the cyclical nature of seasons and therefore due to the dry weather and oversupply of trees?

Only a wet season—which is more typical in the winter months—will answer the question decidedly, writes Marshall Thomas, president of F&W Forestry Services, in the latest edition of his company’s newsletter.

“Even at current lumber prices, mills can pay more than they used to for stumpage—if they have to,” Thomas explains in the summer edition of the F&W Forestry Report. “And given the current dry weather and the persistent oversupply of trees in many of our markets, they don’t have to pay high prices to get all the wood they need right now.”

Thomas notes that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, both major timber players in the world market, and expanding capacity at existing Southern mills, could have an impact on timber markets. Both are discussed in greater depth within the newsletter.


Roller Coaster Ride Of Prices Continues

Roller Coaster Ride Of Prices Continues
The U.S. economy is starting to slow under the combined weight of soaring inflation and climbing interest rates—including the highest mortgage rates since 2008.

In an effort to calm price pressures, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rates in May by 0.75 percentage points, the largest increase since 1994. A ripple effect of this change was a sharp rise in interest rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage to 5.78 percent in June, up from 3.22 percent at the beginning of the year. At the same time, housing starts and housing permits fell in May, signaling a potential slowing of the economy.

Lumber futures and on-the-spot lumber prices are also down by more than 50 percent in the second quarter. But one positive takeaway from the negative news is that the U.S. is about four million homes short of what is needed to keep up with demand.


The F&W Forestry Report is published quarterly for our clients reporting on the latest market conditions, timber prices and legislation affecting forestry.

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